nebraska days

Here in the cornhusker state, there is one day that is anticipated more than any other. There is one day when the whole state shuts down except for one building in lincoln. In fact, they do not even allow oversize semi's to run the interstate for a few hours of time, for fear it might disrupt somebody's plan of the exciting day. There is a whole season where it dominates the newscasts, and everybody's discussions. That day, that day where the state dies, save one building that becomes more alive than most can imagine, that day is today. Today is the fateful first Nebraska Cornhusker footbal game. While i am not a nebraska fan, i will be joining Matthew, and our good friends Luke and Julie for the game today. We will pack a cooler of food and drinks, and grill on the hood of Julie's civic. Luke and Matthew will argue about sports, and Julie and i will shake our heads and grin, whlie we watch the happenings surrounding memorial stadium.

Also on my mind today... the autumn reading challenge... ...i want to, but will i?


  1. Oh!!! That sounds like a blast!!!

    How is your running going?

    Have you read Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss? It's a wonderful book and I think you would love it!


    Miz Booshay

  2. it was a pretty good time. at least a deviation from our normal saturday activities of nothing.

    i also learned at the game that the Univeristy of Nebraska has the largest quilt collection in the united states. they are even building a "quilt preservation" buiiding of some kind. i thought of you when i heard that. might be cool to go see. give you some encouragement to take a trip to omaha. :)

    i have not read that book... i am off to look for it online now.


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