tma for life

the ever disappearing internet from my home, makes blogging, emailing, and any other frequented online activities impossible to continue. so, it's august, 3 months since i last entered this site... and only little bits have changed.

i started a new job. trans/mid-america is proving an okay career choice for the time being, and since my trainer is an oaf... it also proves as useful blog time.

matthew is still in wisconsin, perhaps coming home soon!... my heart sure dreams for that.

becky is married.

rachel is pregnant.

my car does not smell new anymore.

dad might get a new job.

jesse has been home all summer, and i have only spoken to him a couple of words. he leaves again on saturday.

i learned some, i grew some, i slid back in some ways i am sure.

but i fought, i loved, i learned, i grew, i hurt, i hoped, i dreamed, and i lived... not just survived, i really truly lived.

i had brilliant, heartfelt, poiniant things to say today, but now that i am here, i don't really feel like typing any of it. so, i think it will just have to stay hidden in my heart for today. perhaps tomorrow, perhaps that day won't come...


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