stolen from miz booshay

fun friday 5 from her blog

5 things that are in my freezer...
california blend frozen veggies
1 prepackaged frozen halibut fillet
frozen grapes
ice cube trays
that's it only 4.

5 things that are in my closet...
a full laundry basket of dirty clothes
my broken computer
a book shelf
2 bags for goodwill
a periwinkle bridesmaids dress still sitting on the floor

5 things that are in my car...
a plastic bag full of trash
my makeup bag
an empty suitcase
earrings i shed halfway through the day
4 pens

5 things that are in my purse...
(too bad i just cleaned out and switched to a smaller purse)
a very long list of possible new apartments
current mary kay catalog with lots and lots of starred items
lip chap
toothbrush and toothpaste (travel size)
pill box

5 things that are on my mind...
my matthew coming home
my cousins wedding next week
donovan(my favorite 4 year old, he just called me from pre-school)
what i will eat for lunch
the goldfish printed on the inside of my smart water label


  1. I'm so glad you are blogging again :o)

    Now I will go and read your other new posts :o)

    I'm glad Matthew has YOU!!!

  2. not near as glad as i am that i have him...


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