one busy wednesday...

one would think that if work was busy, than i would be busy as well. however, that is not the case. as a in-training permit agent at trans-mid america, when it gets busy, i get bored. The world is swirling and whirling around me, and i am left with nothing to do.

the phone is riniging off the hook, and i am still not allowed to answer the phone. in fact, my phone at my desk does not even ring. i am certainly capable of answering the phone and taking a message, or directing a call to where it needs to be. and i believe that it would be less rude to have to be transfered, than to be on the other line with it ringing for 10 minutes. But, rules are rules, and so i sit.

my supervisor just did an order of 22 permits, all states that i am trained on and can do all by myself, unsupervised. and he has already done the hard part already all that is left is the easy data entry. however, when i just asked if i could help him, he told me no. just straight up no.

i have taken a few trips to the fax room today to help eleviate volume in there, but it really runs smoother with one person there instead of two, and right now, there are not many faxes coming in. no faxes. nothing to audit.

the normal daily fileing has been done by stephen, sho is training someone to take over his position, and did not have much to do.

i think when it is busy, nobody wants to take the time to help me, if need be. I am a smart girl though, and can usually figure it out without help. and although i do not know everything, a little bit of help would probably do you good. I am training, i need to be training instead of sitting, before i forget the things that i have learned thus far. instead i sit at my desk eating m&m's (oops, that is not eating healthier) and wishing i was maybe even a portion as busy as everyone else here.

ooohh... a short stack of fileing... and i am off...


  1. bummer

    Hope your training gets going!!!

  2. it will have to soon, or else i will just be thrown into the real job clueless. because last week someone quit. today is stephen and holly's last day. and ryan got a promotion. they are going to need me to take orders very soon.

    i am doing the most i can to read and remember all that i can.

  3. funny to read this blog now, almost three years later. i didn't even know you blogged back then. i am enjoying reading the few memories we share from another perspective.


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