I heart new car smell

Matt and Melinda at his parents house in Wisconsin, January 2, 2006. Possibly the cutest couple ever.

Since last post:
:Christmas came and went, it was good.
:I came and went from Wisconsin, to see Matthew, and spend time with his family and friends. Thank you for your hospitality Mr. And Mrs. Boucher. I am sure I will see you again soon, and I had a good time getting to know you better, little bit by little bit.
:We started a new year.
:I started a new job.
:Jennifer found out she is having a girl, hooray!
:Paul and Becky finally told me they set a date.
:I got a new car.

okay, so it's not new, but it is new to me, and it definitely smells like a new car. And it is definitely the most exciting thing to happen to me in awhile. An '03 Ford Focus, with 33,000 miles, red and in FANTASTIC condition. I love it. I could not be more excited... well maybe I can think of a couple things that would make me more excited.

Matthew comes home tomorrow. I can not wait. I miss him lots and lots, and it feels like a lifetime since we have been apart, but it's only been a few days since I was in Wisconsin. I might be pathetic, and I might still like it.

Jennifer Lynn is having a girl, while she is happy about this, she is not happy at the change in her due date to 6-6-06... one too many sixes in there. She talked to me like old times, and for a moment everything felt right.

Paul and Becky are getting married August 12, 2006. Which I already knew, because they set the date forever ago, they just didn't tell me. Because our lease doesn't end until November. Well she finally told me. As well as telling me she will still pay her part of the bills through November. What a relief, now wedding plans can begin, that is not a relief.

I love my new job. I mean love, love, love it. This week I have been following other preschool teachers, and getting to know the curriculum I will be using. As well as getting to know the kids that are already at the school. Simply adorable,a kids really do say the darndest things... more on that later, don't you worry, I am sure I will have so many stories you will want to puke. I had to name my class. Since it is Noah's Ark preschool, all the teachers name their classes an animal name. We have the fantastic frogs, the peaceful penguins, the forgiven fish, the playful puppies, the brave bears, and some others which I can not remember at the moment, but add to that list now-- miss melinda's happy hippos. I have been decorating my room, and not finding as many hippo decorations as I would have hoped for. But I will. My bulletin boards are done, and my door is decorated except for the large hippo, my mother is making for it. I also found a gem of a closet in my room filled with toys, which I will go through next week, and pick and weed what I want or do not. I am so excited, and am filled with so much joy over the entire situation. God is Good, he found me the job that I wanted and needed, and he gave me the job in His perfect will.


  1. Hi, just stopped in, and found your blog interesting--especially your header---gives a great message!

    Things seem to be looking great for you! Rare to see--especially in 'blog world'.... ;)

    New car, great friends, weddings, new job---I wish you the best. Looks like 2006 is going to be a great year for you!

  2. thanks so much! i think this year is going to be GREAT! i know God has incredible things for store.

  3. Dear Melinda,

    Love that picture of you two!!!
    I'm so glad you had a nice time visiting us! You were a perfect guest and you are welcome anytime!

    Congratulations on the new car! It sounds wonderful!
    Matthew looked for and found a picture on the internet...so we all know what your cute red car looks like!

    I'm so happy you love your job! You WILL have great stories to tell...and I know you will be wonderful with the children...you were just so sweet with Katie!

    I'm glad you're blogging again!

    Mrs. Boucher

  4. Dear Melinda,

    I would love to hear how your new job is coming along???

    Mrs. Boucher

  5. Anonymous15:42

    Okay, fun stuff. Ummm. So, you caught the Matt, huh?! We thought this was going somewhere. Paul and Becky? Our Becky? Wow! Good, fun stuff. Sorry it took so long, we have been out for six weeks.


  6. i caught the matt, it is fantastic. yah our becky, getting hitched up... weird. she just bought her dress yesterday. more on this later. love you guys!


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