money and the holidays don't mix too well 'round here...

I always spend more money than i planned and then that makes paying bills not really so much fun when the time actually comes around. I do feel great about all of my Christmas buys... and can not wait to gift them all soon. However, no money in my accounts to last me through the holidays, always leaves me hoping for wrapped dollar bills from someone under my tree. Note to self: someday learn to follow the budget you make for yourself melinda dear.

Lizzie left this morning, and i worked some today, work i put off while she was here, so we could sit around on our butts mostly and talk and eat too much. The house is empty now, just me the tv and my new planner i got for Christmas from dear elizabeth. It is nice. Whenever i am home alone it makes me want to take a nice long hot bath. I rarely do. In fact i never do here at this apartment. I never know when Paul and Becky will come home, and then my bath would be interrupted, and it wouldn't be such a relaxing event.

Mom has Friday and Monday off of work. I think i will spend those days with her, since she doesn't get those days very often. Maybe will do something fun and new. Who am i kidding? We will be content to sit at her house and drink coffee and watch tv.

I am staring at matthew's i-pod he left sitting on my desk. It makes me feel lonely with him so far away. I always miss him more than i think i will. Somehow, i fool myself into thinking it will be easy and time will pass so quick. It is not easy, and time is going really really slow.

I am in the mood to bake. I have no recipes, and no ingredients to bake... I think i may have just figured out what mom and i will do on Friday...


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