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Matthew happened to leave his bible here last night, which I happened to enjoy this morning, because I do not own a king james version bible, and I rather enjoyed reading it today. note to self, watch for a quality king james version bible to go on sale.

Matthew has been busy busy busy with school and work and looking for a car. I think by the time he gets home for break he will sleep for days. Well if he were me he would sleep for days, but I don't think he enjoys sleeping near as much as I do. I was glad to have him here last night doing his homework. If he didn't I fear I would not get to see him all week, finals week is always crazy in college life.

This week is only the fourth day in, and already so much has happened. Sunday Matthew and I woke up early to go with my parents to Kansas City. (and by early I mean, I was up and in the shower before 5 am.) My baby brother Jesse had a choir concert in St. Joseph Missouri. His College Choir was on a little Christmas tour, and that happens to be the closest they came to Omaha. We decided we would love to see Jesse, and at a little over 2 hours the drive wouldn't be so bad. Boy, oh boy. Then mom and dad had this great idea that we could leave early and go to my mom's dad's church that morning south of Kansas City and then drive back to the concert that night. Bud, (my mom's dad) is a nice man, who is not my grandfather as he would like to think he is. I have met him on 2 occasions before this one, and talked to him only a handful of times. I met him first 2 years ago on Christmas. My mother and him had no relationship all of her life until 3 years ago. Begrudgingly Matthew and I agreed to go with them, not because we wanted to, but because we knew it was important to my parents, and Matthew will almost always choose to do something because we should, even if we do not want to. So, he convicted me, and convinced me, and we set off by 6 am on Sunday. The strangest day of my life. It took 5 hours to get to Kansas City. Matthew and I have made this trip various times, and made it in under 3 once. It took us 4 1/2 hours! We get to this church I have never seen, and never imagined could be so strange filled with the most bazaar church people you ever did meet, that wanted to hug full frontal and kiss. The awkwardness was almost too much to bear. We tried to stay in good spirits through my mothers prodding, and apologies for not warning us. I feel like all we did all day was drive and eat. Drive (I slept every time), stop, pee, drive stop eat, drive, stop, pee, drive, stop, go to church, drive, stop, eat, drive, stop, choir concert, eat, drive, stop, pee, drive, stop, pee, drive, drive, drive, stop, home. Jesse's girlfriend met us in St. Joe's with a friend of hers, and we had a nice dinner with them at applebees while dad and Matthew watched the football game. Although they should be rivals, they were very gracious with each other, and only talked nicely while the packers beat the lions. We got home late that night, walked in the door to my apartment, and were greeted by my roommate and her new fiance. Paul proposed to Becky that evening, and they were happy and congratulations were given, and stories of the day exchanged. We laughed. A lot.

Congratulations Becky and Paul. I hope you have a very happy life, and take care of each other very well. And I also hope you do not wed before our lease is up, cause then I would be kinda screwed.

Monday, I had a job interview at Noah's ark pre-school. It went very well, and I was offered a job to teach a 3 year old class full time there. I accepted, and gave my notice at my current job. Right now, I feel very confident about my choice, and can not wait to start January 3rd! That night I finished wrapping all of my Christmas gifts and placed them under our little lighted tree taped up on the wall. I had been finished shopping for quite a few weeks, and was very glad to have them all wrapped pretty and festive. One more present left to buy, and what in the World do I get Matthew anyway? All of my great plans thus far have fallen through.

Today, I will work a little, go look at cars with Matthew, call a car dealership for myself, go to Ashland, work with our youth, and paint the walls of a soon to be opened Youth Center, started by my one and only dad, drive home, and sit around. Perhaps I will watch one of my new netflix that came yesterday. Love Comes Softly, or the Original King Kong.

Tomorrow, my best friend Lizzie from high school is coming to stay for a few days. It will be fun, as long as we can not kill each other by the end of the week. We were always more like sisters than friends, and can begin to bicker after a few days together. I miss her, and it will be fun to see her and be with her again. Now, what fun activities can I plan with her this time around. hmm...


  1. if anyone makes it all the way through this post, congratulations! i almost didn't make it myself...

  2. know me...I made it and loved it!

    I would not hear anything about dear Matthew if it weren't for you!

    Congratulations on the new job! It will be so much more fun than your current job. The little ones will give you many cute stories to tell :o)

    I'm gonna pray right now that Matthew finds a car...tonight.

    Or it looks like I may be driving to Omaha...or Matthew may be on the bus!

    Thanks for the great read!

    Mrs. Boucher

  3. a bus ride might be fun. hahaa...

    i think all this busy stuff in matthews life made him sick. He has not been feeling well for a week... i am kinda worried, he has had a fever for almost a week, among other things...

    thaks for reading and enjoying. The day may come soon when i acctually tell my family and friends about the blog, until then, you are the only one who reads it.

  4. Anonymous22:51

    "Matthew will almost always choose to do something because we should, even if we do not want to."

    He sounds like a keeper to me!

    Congratulations on your new job!

    Liza Q, virtual friend of Miz Booshay

  5. oh thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting... and i think he is kind of a winner too ;)...


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