grape nuts...

grape nuts don't taste near as enjoyable as I remember them tasting when I was little and mom would be eating them for breakfast.

Maybe then the excitement was just that is a grown up food.

Either way, my new plan for grape nuts every morning will not stick long...

Matthew left his bible at my house for the 4 weeks he went home. And that King James Version bible is still being used and enjoyed.

Last night I was also enjoying Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest. I am challenged everyday by this book. My mother tells me she is still challenged daily by this gem as well, and she has used it for years. I treasure mine, and am very grateful that mom and dad thought of it as a birthday gift. Matthew also received one from them for Christmas. I hope he discovers the treasures between the pages as I, and so many others have.

"If you think you are helping lost people with your sympathy and understanding, you are a traitor to Jesus Christ. You must have a right-standing relationship with Him yourself, and pour your life out in helping others in His way-- not in a human way that ignores God. The theme of the world's religion today is to serve in a pleasant, non-confrontational manner. But our only priority must be to present Jesus Christ crucified-- to lift Him up all the time." --Oswald Chambers

"For I have determined not to know any thing among you save Jesus Christ and him crucified." --1 Corinthians 2:2


  1. Anonymous11:56

    You havent updated your blog in a long time i miss it. Please update it.

  2. there ya go... you are one of 2 people who read this, and i did this one just for you! cutest couple ever...

  3. The last message you wrote--is what I try to do. A personal relationship with Jesus is so important before 'spreading His word' to others---without learning about Him first. On my blog, I tell a lot about the depression I went through- how it almost killed me--but from the grace of God, He saved me. From my own personal experiences, and learning about God, I tell others by what I went through.

    Your blog is amazing, and I would love to link you to mine so others can read your positive messages....that is---if you don't mind.

    Oh and I disagree with the comment above----I believe that much more than two people read this blog. Believe me, when I first started blogging, I never got comments....BUT----the sitemeter I had told me differently. Then they started coming.

    Keep writing!


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