day one...

i did something weird today.

i woke up early.  really early.  and not because i had to be at work early, or because i was sick.  i woke up early because i chose to. 

i woke up early so i could, gasp, go to the gym.

for anyone who knows me, this is MONUMENTAL.  i don't wake up early.  i hate mornings.  i would stay up to 12 or 1 and sleep til 9 or 10 everyday if i had my choice.  life is way more manageable at 9 or 10 than it is at 5 or even 6.  i don't workout.  i have, at time, dabbled in running and lifting weights. but a long path with slow steps behind a stroller is more my style. 

still, this morning i woke up before 5 am.  i didn't throw a punch at matthew when he tried to wake me up, in fact he didn't even have to wake me up, i woke up to the alarm for the first time in decades.  i pinned back my hair, put on my fat girl workout clothes, and drove to a friend's.  and there i ran/walked (okay i did a fair bit more walking than running, but i did run) on a treadmill with her while dreaming about life and sharing woes of non-sleeping baby boys. 

i hated it while i was doing it (the running not the chatting, the girl chat was a very welcome morning change).  but when the timer went off at 30 minutes, it felt great.  and not just great because i was finished for the day, but great because endorphins were swimming around my body; and great because i had accomplished something for the day.  and great because i got up off the couch. 

i still hate mornings.  i still don't love running (rumor has it this will come, but i have to be honest- i don't see it).  but today was day one, and on day one you are filled with hope, and accomplishment, and dreams of grandeur.  in my head, 30 days from now, i am running gracefully through a full 30 minutes and weigh 20 pounds less.  but today i can settle happily for how great it felt to be up off the couch. 

and in 30 days i will need someone to remind me of this great feeling.  because, in 30 days, i will still be huffing (and yes, most likely walking) through a 30 minute run.  i will still hate mornings as much as i do today.  and i won't weigh 20 pounds less.  but i will be getting used to that great feeling, and then it won't be great anymore, it will just be what i feel every morning.  and i will be begging for my bed when the alarm goes off, and i might throw a punch at matthew when he tries to wake me up (i have no control over my reactions when someone tries to wake me from a dead sleep, apoligies),  and it will take a lot of caffeine to get me through the day.

but... i will be moving, i will be up off the couch.  and who knows what else may come... 


  1. gina08:48

    Hooray!!! Good for you!! I give you tons of credit. I'm not a morning person, and every time I say I'm going to get up and run (um...actually run for one huff and puff minute and then tell myself I'm going to die and then start walking)...well, I go back to sleep.
    You are amazing! Bravo!

  2. Yay Melinda! I wish I had your motivation.... even just for a day. Dan and I started walking at night, since it is so nice out. But, my desire to get off my butt right now to go work out is not great. I'm proud of you! (especially the getting up part! :) ) Love you lots!

  3. I won't get up early, but I will work out with you anytime. I have a couple lbs to lose as well.


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