welcome summer...

weather alerts, tornado sirens, thunder, lightning, wind, rain, hail, green tinted skies, flash floods, broken branches, crushed peonies, smashed bushes, broken glass, downed power lines, new roofs, fear, uncertainty, nervous bowels...

welcome to summer in nebraska. althought the nervous bowels may not belong to everyone. that me be just me.

extreme weather and i don't mesh well. i think i may be living in the wrong place if that is the case. extreme weather season has started in omaha. and it wasn't messing around today...


now if you'll excuse me i have to try to get my blood pressure down before i go to sleep.

hope the weather where you are is sunny and cool and glorious! and if it's not... godspeed.

i have always wanted to say godspeed, i don't think i have ever said it before. GODSPEED. it's kinda fun to say... try it sometime.

and that's all i have to say about that.


  1. What an adventurous spirit you have to live in such a storm laden part of the country. Way to go! Hope all is well. You've been in my prayers! Godspeed! hehe

  2. Axelle14:51

    When I was in university, I had an American teacher (a REAL american !! Not a french one who teached american language, a true american with this wonderful accent !)who teached us, one day, the different kind of climate in States and all you can live : huges storm, tornado, weather alerts ...etc ... Here, in Toulon (south of france), our climate is very sweet. Generally, it's very hot from april to october, november. It happened that some christmas, we can eat outside.
    But if it rains .... It's catastrophic !! HOW CAN IT RAIN ??? It was not what we were expecting for ! it CAN'T rain ! We didn't gave the authorisation to rain !
    After 3 days of rain, when you talk with a south person, you will have the feeling that she's living the WORST winter (or spring or autumn) of her life !!! And rains is totally forbidden in summer ... Or, we can eventually accept it during the nights or, we can tolerate a big storm, just one day, just to make us cooler ... THAT'S ALL !! All the reste is not accepted !!
    So, this teacher told us, in a very ironic way : "When I hear south french people, be angry against the rain, it makes me smile ... Come in States, you'll see what a tornado can be !!"
    He told us too :"Here, in south, when there's bad time, people take it as a personal injury !(insulte)".
    He was right ... ;-)

  3. Hee hee to the Godspeed....but seriously the Dixie Chicks have a song named Godspeed and it's an awesome lullabye---go get it! Then you can giggle and smile every time you listen to it!


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