turkey. like the map, not the leg...


i never thought much about turkey before. the country not the bird.

we had a good friend in college who grew up in turkey. his parents were missionaries. he was a nice boy. he loved turkey. when we lived in europe we loved to eat doner's. those are from turkey. my friend ashley in junior high, her sister lived in turkey for awhile, i don't remember why. other thank that i never really thought twice about turkey.

do you watch anthony bourdain? we love anthony bourdain, it is one of he few shows matthew and i both like to watch. for some strange reason every possible kind of sports don't really make my skirt fly up. and matthew would rather not watch project runway or keeping up with the kardashians, i can't imagine why. but monday nights you can find us sitting together tuned to the travel channel. monday nights we are watching anthony bourdain(actually, to be quite honest, we tivo it sometimes. two of the three shows we both like to watch are on during the time slot.)

anthony bourdain is a writer, a chef, a new parent. he loves travel and culture and people and food. those are the same things matthew and i like, at least the things we have in common that we like. we are polar opposites, matthew and i, but we like food, travel, and people. anthony bourdain and us, we might be soul mates. he travels, and learns about culture, and voices what he learns in a way no one else does. he eats, and describes the food to perfection. he is a fairly antisocial type, but makes friends wherever he goes.

i want his job. i want to travel, and eat, and write, and love people, and get paid for it. but i am no anthony bourdain. not even close. i will continue to watch him and be jealous of him every week.


everywhere he goes, i want to go. last night he went to turkey. and i really really want to go to turkey. it is added to my list. my very long list of places i want to go, cultures i want to experience, people i want to meet. who knew turkey was so beautiful? who knew turkey was so modern, so western? it is like a collision of eastern and western cultures. tony said it felt like home, so familiar; and yet like no place he had ever been before. he ate doners, and lamb, and yogurt, and eggplant, and marinated veggies, and flat bread. he saw temples and mosques and ancient aqua ducts. he saw modern and ancient and land and sea. he gave me the travel bug. he made me want to experience turkey.

i added turkey to my ever growing list of places i want to travel with my matthew.

of course i want to take mattew to my romania. to paris. we would love to go to greece, i have never been to italy. i would love to see spain and the south of france. i really want to see the taj mahal. my life won't be complete if i don't drink a beer in a pub in dublin. i would like to have a do-over in budapest. i feel like i need to experience dubai. and i have always wanted to go to hawaii. the water around the bahamas is unreal. the great wall of china is calling my name. the great barrier reef and the australian outback are must sees. chili, brazil, panama, yes please. i would love to go with my aunt and uncle to uganda. my mom lived in okinawa, and i would love to put pictures to all the places i have heard so much about. i have never been to the grand canyon, or to napa valley, new york is on my mind, i would love to eat lobster in maine, and see the liberty bell.

there are hundreds of places i want to see, i want to experience, i want to be. hundreds of places that i will probably never have the oppotrunity to see, so i will live vicariously through anthony bourdain. or, maybe, perhaps, just maybe matthew and i will choose not too have kids. if we didn't have kids we could spend the money a family would cost, to travel. we could see the world. i could be anthony bourdain, instead of being jealous of anthony bourdain. i'm just sayin. it's an idea.

do you have the travel bug? where do you want to go? what do you want to see?



  1. how about none of us have kids and we can all travel together? (I hope melanie doesn't read this, she'll freak out). i want to visit everywhere. just going to AZ made me want to go on a trip somewhere - anywhere. Anywhere, that is, that sells plenty of sunscreen for my pasty skin.

  2. holly, sounds like a plan to me!

  3. Right now...I just want to go to the cabins...or Vegas.

  4. well you guys do know people who live far away and that are close to napa!

    ps the liberty bell isn't that exciting, but if you do go to philly i can give you a list of places to go.

    i can't imagine matthew watching no reservations. he is such a picky eateri can only imagine how many times he says "that looks gross"

  5. shelby, we would love to come visit you. there is lots i want to see in california... now if only money would drop from the sky, we could. and, we turn our heads when he eats really gross things, like sheep heads and goat intestines.

  6. I would like to go to tropical islands or Hawaiii. US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas sounds good. I'd like to go to Europe, but I don't know if I have the patience to do it with a group. I'd like to just go do my own thing without a bunch of other morons.

  7. gina16:02

    If you ever get to NY - I can be your tour guide!
    I live in NY, and there's nothing like getting to be a tourist again :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. patrick, boo to tour groups. i would not "tour group" any place...

    gina, if we ever make it to ny you can for sure be our tour guide!

  10. Hawaii is heaven.

    Your title for this post cracks me up.

    After seeing how much your dad and Matthew loved Europe, I have no doubt that you would love it too.
    History/geography come to life.
    A few Rick Steves books and you are good to go.


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