let down...

driving home tonight my husband said something that has kept my mind moving in circles and squares and cubes and loops since he said it. maybe that is the reason i just dropped and shattered one of my new perfectly pink glass christmas ornament, or maybe not, maybe i am just a klutz.

he said to me, in probably not these exact words, but i will use quotes anyway... "Everyone is going to let you down sometime. It doesn't matter who you put your trust in. Anyone you put on a pedestal will fall someday, and when they do, it will disappoint you. Everyone but Jesus Christ."

and while we started this conversation because of a terribly famous professional athlete who happened to make some poor choices, and is now reaping the consequences of those choices; who i am not going to name, because it is not the point, and i do not want to discuss such terribly professional athlete here, but back to my point... while that is what started this discussion, here i sit still trying to wrap my mind around it. because he is right. my matthew is right. he happens to be right about everything. don't tell him i said that, it will make me lose my edge.

"Everyone is going to let you down sometime. It doesn't matter who you put your trust in. Anyone you put on a pedestal, will fall someday, and when they do, it will disappoint you. Everyone but Jesus Christ."

and i think i will just leave you with that. oh and this...

a giveaway...

because i am on the verge of tears for no good reason.
because hump day is finally over.
because we have hit our slow period at work.
because i just got back from seeing my cousin and her 3 beautiful little girls.
because my husband is still watching basketball.
because i am totally shocked that anyone besides my mom cares to read this little blog.
and because i want to, darn it.

i want to give you this.

Hello Hurricane

here's a little taste...

and another...

or this...

JJ Heller
Painted Red

heres a little taste of her...

and another...

the winner can choose which cd they would rather have. i love both of them, so you won't hurt my feelings, and they don't know i exist, so you won't hurt their feelings either.

so, if you want to win a free cd. just answer this question in the comments. what are you listening to right now? not as in right now, right this second, i don't care what you can hear in the background. that would be weird, and kind of creepy. but as in, what music are you into right now... i am listening to swichfoot and jj heller, hence the giveaway.

just leave a comment, and i will choose a winner at random, winner chooses which cd they want. pretty simple... i will end this giveaway at 4:00pm cst friday, so you have a little while. i will draw a winner precisely at 5 pm.


  1. Anonymous23:53

    Isn't it crazy that the only one who won't let us down is the one whose sandals we are not worthy to untie? Yet He is the one who will never turn his face from us, he is the one who will embrace us when others have let us down. It's mind-boggling in a good way.

    As far as what I'm listening to, its' Josh Groban's Noel (his Christmas cd), and Downhere. If you haven't heard of them yet, run to their website and play their song "How Many Kings". Oh.My.Word.


  2. Seriously, you wanna know what I'm listening to? JJ Heller! No joke! You ruin me. Love her music! She played at the church I go to a month or 2 ago... so good! So, ah, being as I already have her CD, well I'm sure you can guess I'd chose Switchfoot. :)

  3. thanks for the great post and giveaway! i've been listening to a lot of talk radio right now, does that count? :) ok. if not, i'm always in the mood for hillsong united.

  4. Third Day's Christmas album! I love it! Go listen to "Born in Bethlehem." It's a neat song. :)

    I want the switchfoot cd! I will buy it with my Christmas money if I don't win! :)

  5. What a wonderfully timed post. I'm dealing with an unexpected let down by someone who should not have done such a thing. But we are on this earth as mere humans to be tried and tested and made stronger. It will be my turn to let someone down and I will hope for forgiveness, so I will always try to give it.

    I am currently listening to Broadway showtunes on Pandora Radio. And a couple of Harry Connick Jr's Christmas CD's.

  6. Honestly...on my way home last night I was listening to Richard Cheese...if you don't know him...it's okay. Believe me...it's all right! He covers popular songs in a lounge music fashion. It may not be appropriate for all ears, so I offer it to only those who aren't offended by vulgar language. I find it comical...

    Right now I am really digging Owl City...The electronic feel to the music is amazing...the music is proof of so much talent in the young Adam Young (I am so funny!). If you haven't heard this project, I urge you to check it out! You must start with the song Tip of the Iceberg. That is by far my favorite song by him!

    As always....I am listening to The Rocket Summer...Still my favorite band...band? I guess it's considered a band...
    Anyway...I think I have said enough...bye.

  7. those words ring so true it hurts! Great post Mel, and thank you for the wonderful comment. I think you are pretty darn awesome and I hope you and your cute hubby are as happy as you look :) Isn't God just so good?!

  8. I love the post, yes ur hubby is right. I guess I want people to do whats right at all times but truth is I dont either...

    I am listening to Brooke Fraser and Jesus Culture! I keep playing "Shadowfeet" and "Your love never fails"! Awesome artists!

  9. Thank you for your kind comment:) I am listening to lots of Christmas music right now...Nat King Cole, Third Day, Harry Connick Jr...everyone. Love Christmas time. I thought your husband's comment was very insightful.

  10. when i look at the staaaars. patrick and i were just talking about switchfoot the other night and i gave him a quiz from itunes escentials 90s christian rock to see how many song he knew. he did well. kgbi would have been proud.

  11. Hi Melinda, you don't have to send me the CD since I'm your sister :)
    I just wanted to let you know that I stopped by your blog today. And I love you very much and wish you lived right next door to me. I am glad I got to see you guys and bowl and eat taco bell and avoid playing Life together. I am listening to Christmas music on Pandora, it's a Norah Jones mix. My fav. song they played so far was O Holy Night by Selah--look it up, it is so powerful and amazing, those lyrics hit you hard if you actually pay attention to them.

    Okie, Love you Melinda, text me anytime :)

  12. AMANDA17:14


  13. I'm not familiar with either, so you would have to choose for me. Right now I'm listening to "Christmas" by The Go Fish Guys. Enjoy your blog. You're a good writer.

  14. Loved this post.
    (Don't add me to the list for the prize. I just wanted you to know that I loved this post.)

  15. Gina08:30

    Happy Friday!
    What am I listening to? Sting's new Christmas album....

    ok...I feel old now :)

  16. Anonymous14:44

    Great post! I've been listening to a classical Christmas CD. It gets me in the mood for the season, but without getting overwhelming with the lyrics. Both of these CDs look great!


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