on this, the day of giving thanks...

Thanksgiving Day Blues <span class=
Thanksgiving Day Blues
Norman Rockwell

For this we give Thanks

by Raymond A. Foss

For this day and for this hour,
for the joys of family, and
time to spend together
for the love we share
this Thanksgiving Day
across the miles,
when we are apart,
and for the closeness
we share in our hearts

Oh grant the world
a bit of peace
this day of rest and
day of grace
May we pause and
think again
of the God that provides,
sustains, and guides us all
and give thanks

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today i am thankful for many things...

for a husband who loves me, takes care of me, and provides for me. and who when i come home from a day of shopping empty handed, because the pair of jeans i wanted was too expensive, tells me; "melinda, if you liked them and thought they looked good, then go buy them."

for parents who have loved me every single day, who believed in me, who always thought that i could be anything i wanted to be.

for my brother who used to chase me around the house tormenting me, who today is one of my closest friends.

for my in-laws, who love me, and bless me everyday.

for our home. one of our dreams come true.

for food to eat, a roof over my head, for eyes that see, and ears that ear, and arms and legs that while they don't look like i wished, carry me wherever i go.

for good health, and doctors that know how to treat.

for laughter, and tears, and coffee, and ice cream, and books, and pens, for photographs, and color, and flowers, and willow trees, and fluffy pillows, and kitchenaid mixers. for millions of other tiny, insignificant things.

for the ability to go. to go and serve, and seek and save.

for a God who loved me enough to create me, who desires to be my friend, my father, my life. for His Son who shed His blood for me, so that i may live. for His Spirit who resides in me, who directs me, who intercedes for me.

today i am grateful for many things.

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  1. well said, dearie. happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

  2. Anonymous15:40

    beautiful post!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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