i can not explain to you what reading all those many many many comments (thanks to my uber fabulous mother in law miz boo) made me feel. happy, encouraged, blessed...

even if you all left comments for the sole purpose of free stuff (which i am sure was 99 percent for you, heck, who doesn't like free stuff) i was encouraged and blessed just the same. thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. every girl needs to hear words like that every single day. so go home and call or text or email or write or tell the girls in your life that they are great and beautiful and worthy and wanted. because they need to hear it, just like i did. GO...

and without further delay the winners are:

of the $25 barnes and noble gift card is: rachel.
Rachel said...
Hi Melinda! The statcounter can be so addicting and fun! :) I enjoy your blog and found it through your mom-in-law Miz Booshay. She is delightful! Good luck with your blog! You are a delight, too! :)Rachel

of the $15 barnes and noble gift card is: lisa r.
Lisa R. said...
Found your blog through Quiet Life :). I love your background!

Congratulations ladies... i will be in contact with YOU soon.

and that is all for now peeps. i will be back later. chinese food is calling.


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  2. I'm so excited! Thanks Melinda for the gift card and for leaving a comment on my blog. :) You made my day!


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