sunny days, rainy days, movie days...

normally the weather has no regard for your feelings.

the sky does not care if exuberance is oozing out of your every orifice and you can't wipe that toothy grin off your face. the rain will fall, the sky will darken, the lightning will strike... if it wants to. the sky does not care if sorrow is enveloping you and it takes every fiber of your being to open your eyes. the sun will shine, the birds will chirp, a gentle breeze will blow... if it wants to. the sky gives no bother to peoples feelings, hearts, souls. it is has more important things to worry about. thinks like watering the fields, so corn and wheat and tomatoes can grow. things like radiating sunshine so flowers and trees can bloom and grow. things like giving us our daily allowance of vitamin d, and providing shade to escape from the heat.

in the movies, in books, in every artificial impression of life, the weather matches the mood, the situation. always. every time. when people are falling in love the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. when happy, joyous occasions take place a rainbow may even be glowing overhead. when tragedy strikes, the clouds move in and the rain begins to trickle down. when moving moments occur, when lives are changed, the sun is always setting in the most vivid of reds and oranges and pinks. when a frightening, horrifying moment lurks around the corner; the thunder growls loudly, the lightning strikes, the rain comes down in sheets. when in a frantic, stressful, urgent condition, the wind is swirling, twirling, it is cold, maybe snowing, possibly blizzarding outside the picture window.

i do the same thing, when i write, when i daydream, when i imagine my life or others, the weather always fits the situation. the sky helps set the scene, the mood, the perfect picture.

but it rarely occurs in real life. life is never what it is in the movies or in a dream. and when on the off chance that the sky does reflect my mood, in those rare moments where the weather does emulate the situation; i find it the most curious thing. like God sees me, he knows me, he reminds me He is there by allowing the sky, the weather, the world to feel with me. and just for a moment, however minute the detail, life is like a dream, like a novel, like a movie.

when you wake up knowing that day you are going to cry a million tears, knowing that the sorrow and the pain will possibly swallow you whole, when the anguish you feel is making it hard to even take a breath. when you feel miserable, and sad, and troubled. on that day there is a tiny sense of peace that warms you inside when you look up, and the sky is dark, and there are spitting rain drops falling on the cold cement. It feels as if God sent that just for you, in that moment, to remind you He is there, and that He knows, and that He is crying with you.

when you wake up and you just know it will be one of those days... one of the days where everything gets under your skin. one of the days where you have no desire to wipe the scowl off your face. one of the days you spend all day biting your tongue, or not biting your tongue, as the case may be, and in turn hurting everyone you talk to. but when you wake up on those days and you glance out the window and the rain is pouring, and the sky is not allowing a hint of sunshine to peek through, when the thunder crashes, and the lightning strikes; you take a tiny sigh of relief. you sigh and thank God that He will not make you listen to the darn birds chirp, or have to feel the warmth of the sun on your face. like He knew, and gave you that one gift on that day.

when your heart is bursting, erupting, overflowing, with joy and delight, glee and exuberance, wonder and pure bliss. it is just right for the sun to kiss your face, warming you, making you glow. when the breeze gently caresses your neck, and makes your hair flip and fly attractively, it seems like perfection. when the birds are chirping cheerfully, when the sky is the perfect shade of blue, and the clouds are sparse and all resemble perfect shapes of animals and flowers and toys. when you look up at the sky, you can't help but smile... because it's like God gave it to you that day. He gave you this perfect day to match the perfect joy He gave you inside.

and it is a curious thing when that occurs. because normally the weather has no regards for you feelings, you heart, your life.


  1. i love any blog with two commas in the title

  2. i am comma happy, and run on sentence happy... pretty much i throw grammar out the window.

  3. I am so glad you stopped by my blog. Although I had a good laugh when I saw a "Melinda Sue" leaving a comment...I thought someone was playing a joke because my full name is Melinda Sue too!! Crazy huh?!

  4. Ah, but I like the rain! :)


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