thank you one and all...

my cup runneth over.

thank you miz boo... for the link to my blog today. it made my day. but you knew it would.

i installed a hit counter, just last night. and all day long i have seen that number crawl up, up, up. and all day long i have been blessed by it.

all thanks to my far too wonderful mother in law. she is far more than i could have hoped for, more than i ever dreamed.

God can use the tiniest, most insignificant things to touch us. He knows just what will make us feel loved, accepted, and content. He can take an insignificant day, and an insignificant person, he can take an insignificant blog post and make it a thing of beauty. His touch, His heart, can change a day, change a week, change a year, change a life.

this silly, insignificant girl from omaha, nebraska was touched by His hand today. touched and changed by a silly, insignificant thing like a blog hit counter, and a link from her mother in law.

so thank you.

"and I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!"
Sally Field
so thank you, thank you one and all. for helping make my day, for helping me feel significant on this insignificant day. thank you for being a tool that He used to bless me.


  1. You have a pretty fabulous Mother-In-Law, if mine were only so wonderful my life would be full.

  2. Janie G,22:21

    700+ visits in a day, that's pretty impressive! :o)

  3. I had just as much fun as you did.

    Ten of those visits are least.

    I had to come over and watch your stats counter go wild...AND I love reading your comments!!!

    So happy the little link was a blessing :o)

  4. beach mama,
    i am so blessed in the in law department. blessed beyond measure.

    i keep thinking it must be a fluke.

    i think at least 50 of them were mine. when you say jump, people jump. i didn't expect that many hits.


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