fearfully and wonderfully made...

there is a truth i know. i know it, i know it like i know the sun will rise in the east and set in the west. but still... still sometimes i have to make myself believe. it is the simplest of all truths. my worth is defined solely by the blood of Jesus Christ. my worth in not in the face in the mirror, or the size of my jeans. my worth is not defined by how well i write, or how many books i read. my worth is not in how many facebook friends i have, or how many lunch dates i have in a month. my worth is not defined by the quality of my cooking, or how well i keep a house. my worth is not in my level of education, or the amount of money i make. my worth is not defined by the words coming out of my mouth, or by the words i let in my ears. my worth is not in how treat others, or how others treat me. my worth is not defined by anything, apart from the redeeming blood of Christ. i have a God who loved me enough to create me. i have a God who knew what i would look like, and every step i would take before i was even conceived. i have a God who loved me so much, who wanted a relationship with me so deeply that he sent His Son to the earth for the sole purpose of dying for me. i have a Savior who came to this earth knowing that the pain He would endure, the suffering that would envelope Him... and still He came. He came for everyone, but He came for me. He came, He lived, He suffered, He bled for me. though i deny Him daily, though i sin nearly every hour, though i am deserving of hell. He loves me. though i stumble, though i am nothing, He is there, He loves me still, His blood was still shed for me even if i were the only person on earth He would have came, He would have lived, He would have suffered, and He would bled for only me. Without Him, i am nothing. everything i am is because of Him. i breathe because He gives me breath. i feel because He made me alive. i dream because He wrote the dream in my heart. i act because it pleases Him. He made me, me. every desire, every dream, every longing He set into motion in the depths of my soul. the sound of my voice, the texture of my hair, the color of my eyes, and the flushing that happens in my cheeks far too often, is from Him. He asks that i love Him, He asks that i serve Him, He asks that i live for Him. but if i choose not to, He loves me still. because He loves me i choose to be me. because of His blood i choose to live the life He has in store for me. it is because of His blood, His love, that i choose to remember who i am, who He made me, who i was meant to be. it is because of Him i live, because of Him i search to find myself. because in searching for myself, i must draw closer to Him, in finding myself i will find Him, and in finding Him i will find peace, joy, faith, and assurance.


  1. What a beautiful, wonderful, tremendous testimony!!!


    Love you!

  2. thank you donna... you helped encourage me to do this... and i bet you didn't even know you did.

  3. Wow, thank you so much for that testimony. You are an awesome witness and have been given a very special gift from God. Thank you

  4. kathy, thank you for the encouragement it really means a lot.


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