Okay that is not really a web site, at least I do not think it is. After last nights disappointing finale, I however would not be surprised if it became a hit site over night.

Monday nights all summer long, I would make dinner quick, and sit with anticipation for 8 o'clock to come and treasure hunters to begin. I was intrigued to say the least. An avid Amazing Race fan, this new show seemed even better to me in some ways. The challenges more realistic than dreamed up. The race, the hunt, designed to challenge them physically, mentally, and emotionally. We saw them lose it all, we saw them turn on each other, and we saw the exhaustion it caused along the way. The real kicker for me, these teams could not be just your average idiots. Hence the team names like, the geniuses, air force, ex-CIA, and the graduates. Other teams were named for their supposed disadvantage with names such as miss USA, and the wild hanloans. These teams were on a hunt, and aside from the regular race/hunt game skills needed like map reading, and phone and internet searching skills, they also had to figure out tough clues to even move along to the next point. Of course, I always knew the answers sitting on my couch at home, due to tricky camera work and subliminal messages. However, I know that if I were there, I would be more clueless than the biggest idiots on the game. So, after watching all summer imagine my anticipation to finaly see who won all that secret amount of cash. And within 5 minutes of turning the show on, I was grieved to see the undeserving (in my opinion) winners open that door and find their gold. So, why even have this "live finale"? The question went unanswered to me, because I decided to run instead. Nothing in this episode is deserving of my time. I know who won, and this "live finale" was already over in my head. So, I ran... and walked back through the door just in time to see that the winning team won not one or two, but THREE million dollars. That is what we have been waiting for, that is what was worthy of this live finale. I do not think so.

So, I will patiently await the season premieres of shows that I pray will not disappoint. Grey's Anatomy, and Ugly Betty, My TV happiness rests on you.


  1. No kidding....The finale was just a big ole bore.

    I wanted to see Air Force win!
    How about you?

    But 3 million...that was sweet.

    I can't wait for Greys Anatomy...and the new show with Clarissa Flockhart looks good.

  2. i wanted to see air force win as well... they did sooo good the whole game, and were always sweet with each other. they were the deserving winners. and i still would have rather seen the southie boys win than the geniuses. boo...

    yah, what it is called, brothers and sisters? i think that one looks good too... sally field too, lots of big people, i am afraid it will nto be as good as my expectations, so i did not put it on my list, but i will watch it.

  3. look at all of those commas. sorry, my grammar is atrocious. (and i don't know how to spell that)

  4. I am such a bad speller that spell check often doesn't even know what I am going for :o)


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